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PE and Sport

At St Mary Cray we have a very positive approach to Physical Education (PE) and aim to promote an enjoyable experience, accessible to all pupils. We recognise that PE can help children develop their co-ordination, fitness and a sense of fair play. PE is based on the multi-skills approach to learning, combined with opportunities for competition in accordance with the National Curriculum.

We follow the Department for Education' s National Curriculum programmes of study for Key Stages 1 and 2, details of which are published on the DfE's website:

In 2023 we have introduced "Real PE" as our scheme of learning.

Real PE

Children have two sessions of PE a week, giving the required total of 2 Hours. In addition, some classes promote morning exercise, giving an additional 10 minute daily exercise routine.

We provide excellent provision for PE and sport at SMCPA. We recognise the positive impact this has on developing the whole child.

Children experience PE that develops the whole child rather than just being centred of playing games. They are taught in the following areas:






Health and Fitness


We also base our learning upon developing the following pillars of: 

Motor competence

Rules, strategies and tactics

Healthy participation


In addition to curriculum PE, we create opportunities for structured play and sport every lunchtime and a spread of clubs during lunch and after school. These include; football, boxing, rounders, gymnastics and dance.

PE and Sport Funding