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Reading for Pleasure

Reading is one of the most important skills that children develop at Primary School as it allows them to: understand the world around them; access fantastic worlds with engaging characters and exciting adventures; comprehend concepts across the Curriculum. We are continuing to promote Reading for Pleasure across the school.  As adults we know how important regular reading is. Please support your child in continuing their reading at home including updating their reading records.  

Research shows that children face challenges in choosing appropriate reading material. Our curriculum and the choices in text we make in school is developed in conjunction with the CLPE. The CLPE is the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education. To help support schools and families they have developed core book lists which contain reading material which not only benefits children's reading development but even more importantly are texts that children love to read. Their website is . This is free and has materials listed from 3-11 with sections for all including reluctant readers, emerging readers and more able readers.