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Quotes from Parents and Visitors

Feedback from our Parents:

Parent Survey November 2016 with 89 parents taking part

94% of parents think their child is happy at the school

94% of parents believed their child is taught well

94% of parents stated that the school is well led and managed

94% of parents shared that their child is making good progress

Parents said in November 2016:

[SMCPA is] “safe and happy.”

“with help and support my child has made great progress.”

[the school has] “made great progress.”

“My child is doing great at this school – very happy.”

“Education is very well focused and executed.”

“Positive attitude by teacher and school. Very well organised."

Feedback from other visitors to our school:

"Thank you for a wonderful visit to St Mary Cray Primary School - the staff and children were welcoming and we had many positive comments from the class teachers. The children were polite, enthusiastic and focused on learning and it was a pleasure to teach them!"

Specialist Visiting Teacher - December 2017

"Congratulations to everyone involved with St Mary Cray Primary Academy on the result of their Ofsted inspection. This fantastic achievement is a consequence of the drive and ambition that the school has shown. I have seen for myself how the school is committed to an enriching curriculum and pastoral care, including through the establishment of the Oasis Community Hub. The school has created an environment where children can learn and succeed and continues to go from strength to strength. This can only be of benefit to local residents."

Jo Johnson, MP for Orpington October 2017

“The day went really well. The children are a credit to the school. They worked hard, were well mannered and impressed us with their thinking. Unprompted they asked questions about our vision for the company and our overall strategy!”

Director of partner company in Project Aspire – March 2016

“The children were delightful. We were particularly touched by the promotional copy they created written in rhyme. We are thinking of adopting that approach for all our marketing! The team here enjoyed having them in. Lots of people got involved and the kids were great with all of them. A very lovely bunch of children so credit to their school.”

MD of partner company in Project Aspire – March 2016

"The pupils and staff were positive, friendly and a joy to work with. They were a credit to the School and the Trust. We were all impressed by their enthusiasm and the quality of their work."

Cray Forum Chairman - March 2017

“I was hugely impressed with the engagement of the children and the enthusiasm. The children could not have been more enthusiastic!”

Member of Cray Forum, February 2016

"I am delighted to learn of the continued fantastic progress being made by the school. The improvements have been truly remarkable and my congratulations to for a terrific set of results for your current Year 6 cohort (25% offered grammar school places). The role that St Mary Cray Primary Academy has taken on within the Cray Valley community is extremely notable and positive."

Jo Johnson, MP for Orpington December 2016

"...can I say what a pleasure it has been working at St Mary Cray. The children are great and the teachers fantastic. It's such an enthusiastic and caring atmosphere. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of school life this term."

Music Teacher March 2016

"St Mary Cray Primary Academy is a fantastic example of where the Government's programme of academisation is working to improve the education and prospects for young in people in our country."

Jo Johnson, MP for Orpington

"The school is to be applauded for the progress it is making. It is a credit to the leadership, the staff and the pupils."

Council Member Feb 2016

"Clearly, the school management have a very clear and positive vision that is showing excellent results."

Council Member Oct 2015

“The thing is all the children are engaged in their learning… they are behaving excellently… they are all concentrating… I know the work that is taken by all staff to achieve this… when you have been in and out of schools all your career you get a feeling for schools very quickly. You just know. This feels like a good school. It feels really good.”

School Improvement Leader / DfE Advisor July 2015

“The atmosphere felt positive, the school itself professional…there was clear engagement of the children within the classroom…. impressed by the general vibe of the school…undoubtedly, the school is making great progress.”

Trust Director June 2015

“Great to meet the staff, parent governor and pupils at St Mary Cray Primary Academy this morning. A real success story in Cray Valley East.”

Council Member April 2015