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Parental Controls

There are a huge number of parental control apps available; some are free and some have different features to the others. It is best that you research what apps are available and which ones best suit the needs of you and your child.

As a minimum a parental control app show allow you to do the following;

  • Restricts access to app installations.
  • Restricts screen-time.
  • Be able to lock and unlock the child's device remotely.
  • Setup schedules so that it automatically locks at a set time each day.

Our recommendation is the parental control app that is made by Google. It is called 'Family Link' and is completely free and can be setup for multiple children. Family Link works on both Android & iOS devices. You can read more information here >

If you search your devices app store you will also find a multitude of alternative parental control apps; I would recommend that you read what features they offer, read the reviews and if it's free try it out for yourself.

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