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PTA Successes

The PTA has supported numerous areas within the school and include both big projects as well as day to day resourcing of FUN equipment etc. 

Please see below some of our most recent projects that we have supported: 

 Defibrillator - 2019

The Defibrillator is a life saving piece of equipment that provides our school (pupils, staff and visitors) the security of immediate response to cardiac arrests. 

To raise money we held a defibrillator disco and other events such as non-uniform days and cake sales. We raised approximately £600. We were lucky to join forces with the Carly Heart Trust who matched our funds to help us reach our goal quicker.

 School Library - 2019

In 2017 a communal library in SMCPA was non-existent. The need for a sacred haven for all of our books was heard by the PTA and they got to work reaching out to the local community for support. Finding volunteers for manual labour and funding the materials, the PTA created the Flamingo and Read beach book hut. This fun place sits in the centre of our school and is available to all. 

The PTA will continue to support the school library's re-designs as we create new places for the imagination to be ignited.