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Our Staff

Leadership Team

Mr Gordon Jamieson Headteacher (DSL), Senior Leadership, School English and PE lead
Mr Liam Frost Deputy Headteacher (DDSL), Senior Leadership, School Maths and PE lead
Mrs Rene Mears SENCo (DDSL), Senior Leadership 
Miss Ashleigh Coupe Pupil Support Lead (DDSL)
Miss Jade Walker Pupil Support Lead (Maternity Cover)
Ms G Sesli/Mrs C Sheehan Joint Acting CEO's

Teaching Staff

Miss G Duckering Reception, School Art and DT lead
Mr Peter Harwood Year 1 School and Trust Computing lead
Mr Terence Ricketts Year 2 School and Trust Music lead
Mrs Amanda Mills Year 3 School RE lead
Ms Angela Martins Year 4 School Spanish lead
Miss Elizabeth Rae Year 4 School Science lead
Ms Naz Qureshi Year 4 Student Teacher
Miss Nicole Hillier Year 5 School and Trust PSHE lead
Mr Jack Coy Year 6 School and Trust History lead
Mrs Gillian Reynolds School Reading lead
Mrs Jenny Oldroyd-Wright School Geography lead

Support Staff

Mrs Irene Boyd Teaching Assistant
Miss Elizabeth Carrick Teaching Assistant
Miss Adrianna deCastro Teaching Assistant
Mrs Debbie deCastro Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Janet Matthews Teaching Assistant
Mrs Wendy Peel Teaching Assistant
Mrs Stephanie Rolfe Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Emma Wilson Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sue Woolnough Teaching Assistant
Mrs Anita Paris Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss Kayley Sharp Teaching Assistant
Miss Louise Tatum Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Samantha Fincham Teaching Assistant
Mrs Sofijia Kirovski-Mclean Teaching Assistant
Ms Charlotte Hawkins Teaching Assistant

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Irene Boyd Senior Midday Supervisor
Miss Elizabeth Carrick Senior Midday Supervisor
Mrs Samantha Fincham Midday Supervisor
Miss Natasha Gilhooly Midday Supervisor
Mrs Sofijia Kirovski-Mclean Midday Supervisor
Mrs Claire Nicholson Midday Supervisor
Miss Letitia Rawlings Midday Supervisor
Mrs Michelle Rawlings Midday Supervisor
Mrs Sue Woolnough Midday Supervisor 

Wrap-around Club Team

Mrs Irene Boyd Breakfast Club
Mrs Janet Matthews After School Club Leader
Mrs Suzanne Mercer After School Club
Mrs Sue Woolnough After School Club
Miss Letitia Rawlings Breakfast Club Leader


Mrs Louise Holmes Administration Officer
Mrs Natalie Allen Trust Senior Administration Officer


Mr Brian Rance Caretaker
Mr Chris Morris Trust Site Manager

Trust Support Leads

Mrs L Field (HPS)  English
Miss C Mould (EWPS) & Mrs L Hughes (HPS) Maths
Miss L Fenton (MPS) Science
Mr J Coy (SMCPA) History
Ms E Brown (HPS) Geography
Mrs C Cook (HPS) & Mrs C Jones (HPS) Art / DT
Mr T Ricketts (SMCPA) Music
Mr S Carter (MPS) RE
Mr J Gwilliam (HPS) PE
Miss N Hillier (SMCPA) PSHE
Mr A Sieber (HPS) & Mr P Harwood (SMCPA) Computing
Mrs S Howell (HPS) Phonics
Miss L Roffey (LPS) Voice 21