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Learning in Ruby Class

Every half term covers a new and exciting topic in class, themed around brilliant books! 

Daily Timetable

We teach Phonics every day from 9am, followed by Topic and Maths before lunch. Our Topic lessons are completed in small groups supported by the adults and are themed around our Topic and themed book. 

We follow White Rose Maths for Reception, and these sessions are also completed in small groups with adult support. Their mantra is: "Together, we’re building a whole new culture of deep understanding, confidence and competence in maths – a culture that produces strong, secure learning and real progress. No matter what their starting points, we help learners everywhere to achieve excellence. Everyone can do Maths!" 

During our afternoon sessions, we have specific interventions and child initiated play. Then over the course of the week we have PE, PSHE, RE, History, Geography and Science! We also have Forest School one morning a week. 

Throughout the day, every day, children have access to both the inside and outdoor areas, exploring their own learning activities and opportunities based around our learning.
Children play through a process called Plan - Do - Review. Children plan their learning, thinking about where they are going to play and what they are going to learn to do. For example, a child may wish to play in the construction area and learn how to build a tall tower. Then children "do" their activity. When children come back to the carpet, they talk about what they have learnt (and what fun they had!)

We plan for engaging, learning activities around our books and topics covering all 17 areas of learning. We plan activities for child led and adult led opportunities, observe and plan for children's interests, and use both the indoor and outdoor areas, allowing children to explore and develop their skills and interests. 


Topic Overviews

Autumn 1 is "All About Me"

Autumn 2 is "Space and Celebrations"

Spring 1 is "Where Do Animals Live and How Do They Grow?"

Spring 2 is "Superheroes"

Summer 1 is "Once Upon a Time"

Summer 2 is "Come With Us To..."


Please look below at our Topic Overviews and themes!