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Learning in Emerald Class

Summer 1


At St Mary Cray Primary Academy we follow Maths Mastery. As part of this all aspects of maths will first be taught using concrete materials, then progressing onto pictorials and finally using abstract methods. This has been shown to be a fantastic method of building solid and secure mathematical understanding. Once this understanding is secure, children learn how to problem solve and reason.

In Summer 1 we will cover measurement including length, weight, capacity and time. Pupils will experience measuring in non-standard and standard measurements and engage in estimating and problem solving. Pupils will learn to tell time to the hour, half hour, quarter to and quarter past the hour.


In English our chosen texts for this term are 'Where the Wild Things Are' and non-fiction texts that focus on our Topic areas of plants and the UK.

Children will be writing for a range purposes, including letters, retelling the story, writing an alternative ending to the story as well as newspaper reports.  They will be taught to include a range of features including;

Capital letters / Finger spaces / Full stops, exclamation marks, question marks, inverted commas, commas/ Expanded noun  phrases / Similes / Adverbs / Conjunctions / Adverbials of time / Prefix and suffix words / Apostrophes / Joined handwriting

The best way to support your child with their writing is to encourage them to read at home and to practise spelling the Year 2 Common Exception Words.


In Year 2 reading is taught daily. Some children read with the class teacher during guided reading sessions, in which children are taught comprehension skills. Other children remain in Read Write Inc groups to help them with their segmenting and blending of words.

Each child is issued with a home reading journal and book, which should be read, signed off, and returned to school daily. Home reading is a hugely beneficial way of supporting your child's learning across the curriculum.


Our topic is Plants.  We will look at and discuss:

  • observe and describe how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants
  • find out and describe how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy.

 History and Geography

In Geography this term we will be studying the UK. We will find the UK on maps and look at the countries that make up the UK in depth. 

In History we will be learning about The Romans and specifically Roman Britain.