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Learning in Emerald Class

Summer 1


At St Mary Cray Primary Academy we follow Maths Mastery. As part of this all aspects of Maths will first be taught using concrete materials, then progressing onto pictorials and finally using abstract methods. This has been shown to be a fantastic method of building solid and secure mathematical understanding. Once this understanding is secure, children learn how to problem solve and reason.

In Summer 1 we will cover decimals and use the children's place value knowledge to extend their understanding of decimals and the value of a number. We will also continue to look at shape and the differences between regular and irregular polygons and have a deep dive into angles including calculating the size of an angle, measuring angles in degrees and drawing angles accurately.


This half term year 5 will be reading some of the great classics of English literature starting with 'Macbeth' by William Shakespeare. We will be reading the play script version as well as the adapted narrative story. Alongside Macbeth we will also be reading the classic poem 'The Highwayman' by  Alfred Noyes. 

Children will be writing for a range purposes, including setting descriptions, writing in the a play script style and creating tension in a text. They will be taught to include a range of features, including;

  • Modal verbs
  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Fronted adverbials
  • Describe settings/character
  • Punctuating speech
  • Possessive apostrophes
  • Self-editing work to make better vocabulary choices
  • Writing for different purposes
  • Varying sentence structures

The best way to support your child with their writing is to encourage them to read at home and to practise spelling the Year 5 Common Exception Words.


In Year 5, reading is taught daily through during our guided reading session. The week begins with a whole class session diving into a specific text for the week. For the remainder of the session, groups of children work both with their teacher and independently to improve their vocabulary, inference and comprehension skills. Other children attend the Fresh Start literacy group to improve their confidence in literacy to apply to the classroom en5vironment.

Each child is issued with a home reading journal and a Big Cat book, which should be read, signed off, and returned to school daily. Home reading is a hugely beneficial way of supporting your child's learning across the curriculum.


Our topic is Animals including humans.  We will look at and discuss:

  • The digestion system, its parts and the digestion journey
  • Teeth and their functions
  • Food chains, producers and consumers

Our topics this term is called, Earth and Space. In this Science based topic, pupils will extend their knowledge and understanding about our solar system and our moon.