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Learning in Diamond Class


At St Mary Cray Primary Academy we follow Maths Mastery. As part of this all aspects of Maths will first be taught using concrete materials, then progressing onto pictorials and finally using abstract methods. This has been shown to be a fantastic method of building solid and secure mathematical understanding. Once this understanding is secure, children learn how to problem solve and reason.


In English, children will write for a variety of purposes with writing inspired by quality texts that we will read as a class such as Cosmic, Mortal Engines and The Boy at the Back of the Classroom. English is often taught through utilising oracy, drama and art based activities to ensure that learning is immersive and interactive. 


In Year 5, reading is taught daily during our guided reading sessions where children will be asked VIPERS questions based on a quality text to improve their vocabulary, inference and comprehension skills. An alternative programme (Fresh Start) will be offered to children who will benefit from improving their confidence in literacy to apply to the classroom environment.

Each child is issued with a home reading journal and a chapter book to take home with them; reading journals should be signed off by an adult  and returned to school daily. Home reading is a hugely beneficial way of supporting your child's learning across the curriculum.


Children will explore several areas of science (such as space, forces and properties of materials) through the 5 types of scientific enquiry. Children will develop their enquiry skills so that they may become confident and independent scientists who are capable of designing and carrying our their own science experiments.