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Children's knowledge and skills regarding vocabulary, grammar and punctuation underpins much learning in English and other areas. Children at St Mary Cray Primary learn about this area not only as part of their English curriculum but through discrete teaching from Mrs Underwood. Part of this learning involves technical terminology that children need to understand and also apply the rules and the principles correctly. Below are a list of key terms that children will encounter in the school.

Year 1: letter, capital letter, word, singular, plural, sentence, punctuation, full stop, question mark, exclamation mark

Year 2: noun, noun phrase, statement, question, exclamation, command, compound, suffix, adjective, adverb, verb, tense (past, present), apostrophe, comma

Year 3: preposition, conjunction word family, prefix clause, subordinate clause direct speech consonant, consonant letter vowel, vowel letter inverted commas (or ‘speech marks’)

Year 4: determiner, pronoun, possessive, pronoun, adverbial

Year 5: modal verb, relative pronoun, relative clause, parenthesis, bracket, dash, cohesion, ambiguity

Year 6: subject, object, active, passive, synonym, antonym, ellipsis, hyphen, colon, semi-colon, bullet points