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Defibrillator Arrives

SMCPA are now kitted with a Defibrillator

Last academic year our school took part in lots of fun fundraising activities, including a disco and own clothes days, to raise money for a school defibrillator.

The defibrillator is a life saving piece of equipment that is used, alongside CPR, for victims of cardiac arrest. The heart is a vital organ and unfortunately can face severe strains in both adults and children. Defibrillators are self-instructing and so anyone can use them easily, however, we currently have 1/3 of our staff First Aid and defibrillator trained. Over the next term all staff will be issued with defibrillator training.


A huge thank-you to our students, staff and parent helpers, Olive Dining and Carly's Heart Trust for your support in this endeavour.