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Start of the Junior Cray Forum

Local schools are getting together to understand, get involved and build their community.

Representatives from local schools are joining forces to form the Junior Cray Forum. Our goal is to create a stronger sense of community amongst our children both between schools and other children as well as their environment. We hope that by getting more involved we will help overcome the every day being taken for granted. Children will take part in meetings, fundraising, hands on projects and much more to understand, get involved and build their community.

On 28th March Year 5 children from St Mary Cray Primary Academy, Midfield Primary School, Leesons Primary School and Poverest Primary School came together in the first (of many!) project of planting trees and wild flowers in Brook Park. This area is 'behind the scenes', but beholds a great adventure down the River Cray with lovely paths, bridges for games of Pooh Sticks, churches and a lot of beautiful wildlife.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon planting trees and flowers and learning new skills.

... Watch this space!