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What's On

Hi All

I would like to welcome you all to the Oasis Community Hub.

Below is a copy of what is currently happening or scheduled to happen at the Oasis Hub, all our events, sessions and courses are updated on our Facebook page.

We want to know what services you would like Oasis Hub to offer, so, please could you complete the following survey to give us a better idea of what the community would like from us. Thanks

Day Event Time Starts Details
Monday Book Swap Club  9-12 19/11/18 Bring along books that you have finished and swap for something new to read. Chance to socialise and meet new people.
Monday Storysacks English 915-1115 14/01/19

Activities focus on developing English skills (phonics, spelling, words, rhymes and sounds). (YR R & YR 1)

Tuesday Cultural Cooking 915-1115 08/01/19

This course is now fully booked!

Wednesday Tiny Tots Toddler Group 930-11 07/11/18 Join us with your little one and enjoy various activities and network with other parents.
Dads & Expectant parents welcome too!
Thursday Tiny Tots Active Toddlers 930-11 15/11/18 Bring your toddler to climb the soft play, race in the cars or score a goal with the balls.
Friday Drop-in Sessions 9-12 09/11/18 Need help with benefits, housing, health, care, school or anything else? Drop-in and we will help as best we can.


If there is anything that you would like to see take place at the Oasis Hub or if you would like to get involved then please pop-in or email us at

We look forward to seeing you.