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Half-Term Home Learning

During the school closure during the COVID-19 pandemic, children will be able to access work online through their class page on both the website and on Class Dojo. Their Class Teachers will be posting every day and are available on Class Dojo if you need any support.

Please see below some of our ideas, and links to useful resources during the time the schools are closed!

- Twinkl are offering free parent resources during this time:

- BBC Bitesize have learning resources for KS1 and KS2:

- Joe Wicks is providing free PE sessions every day at 9am on his YouTube channel:

- Literacy trust is providing guidance for simple activities that will engage your children at home, while also benefiting their reading, writing and language development:

- Oxford Owl provide free books online:

- Top Marks have some great maths games to make learning fun:‚Äč

Activity Learning

Maths around the house

Measure items around the house, weigh items around the house to describe them as less or more heavy. Counting and sums can be made fun with items around the house – buttons, coins, dried foods. If you have stairs, use them as a times table ladder – climb a step for each sum!

Writing tasks

Ask your child to write a story on a stimulus; a view, a picture of a person, something they are interested in. Help them with spelling and grammar, suggest new words. Include drawings for a creative flair.

Baking a cake

Whilst making a cake you can teach your child about measurements, create café menus, use money to play cafés whilst incorporating addition and subtraction.

Nature activities

Gather items from your garden (leaves, pine cones, stones, twigs). If you have access to paint you can use these for printing the different textures onto paper, your child could also draw these objects, or catalogue them, describing their properties.

Arts & Crafts

If your resources are limited, repurpose cardboard boxes and the like for a recycled art project!

Physical Education

Set up an assault course, or a rotating station of different exercises to keep things interesting!